NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is full of features for NFL fans in general, but also provides access to features to help the user better understand some of the nuances of the game. By accessing the Coaches Film section, you will have access to the “All-22” angle where all players on the field are shown throughout the play and the “High End Zone” view which is from a high angle above the goal post. With these particular views, you will see the Continue ReadingNFL Game Pass

Players approve new NFL CBA

By a relatively close vote of 1,109 to 959, NFL players approved the new collective bargaining agreement, which will cover the next 11 seasons, including the 2020 season, which would have been the last season covered by the 2011 CBA. Here is the statement from the NFLPA. Our statement on the CBA vote: — NFLPA (@NFLPA) March 15, 2020 Stay tuned to for more info regarding the new CBA and how agreement impacts all those involved in the Continue ReadingPlayers approve new NFL CBA

Creative contracts: signing bonuses and void years

The NFL’s salary cap is a hard cap. However, accounting and contract maneuvers can help teams create salary cap room in a current season, though not without impacting the salary cap in a future season. In this post we will discuss the basics of signing bonuses. We will also discuss a contract mechanism which teams have used to have portions of a signing bonus allocated against the salary cap in a specific future season. Signing bonus basics Signing bonuses are Continue ReadingCreative contracts: signing bonuses and void years

Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and the impact to the Steelers salary cap

Two of the bigger media concerns during this NFL offseason has been how the Le’Veon Bell and the Antonio Brown situations would be resolved. The majority of the reporting on these player matters has dealt with these issues in isolation. However, this is an example of how roster construction and salary cap management must be looked at by the teams on a holistic level, not solely on a player by player level. The reality is that by resolving both the Continue ReadingLe’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and the impact to the Steelers salary cap

Start of the NFL League Year

One of the great things about team sports is that no matter how poorly your team performs during one season, the next season is right around the corner. Every team is undefeated again. It’s out with the old, in with the new! While football is a team sport, on and off the field, the teams that best manage the cap and team construction during the offseason help to set the tone for the coaching staff during the season. Out with Continue ReadingStart of the NFL League Year

Franchise and Transition Tags

Free agency in the NFL begins on Wednesday, March 14th, at 4:00 p.m. For top NFL players, being an unrestricted free agent is the first time in their careers that they will be able to sign a market rate contract after having been previously subjected to the rookie contract and possibly the restricted free agency rules contained within the CBA. This is a great time to be an upper echelon NFL player, right? Not so fast! NFL players that have Continue ReadingFranchise and Transition Tags

Case Keenum will be traded to the Redskins

Reports are swirling that once the the NFL league year begins, Case Keenum will be traded to the Washington Redskins. In the reported deal, the Redskins will give up a sixth-round pick in exchange for Keenum and a seventh-round pick. A while back we discussed the upcoming Joe Flacco trade to the Denver Broncos and the impact that could have on Keenum’s future in Denver. If Denver trades Keenum they will off-load all of Keenum’s salary for 2019 to the Continue ReadingCase Keenum will be traded to the Redskins

All About the NFL Scouting Combine

The NFL Scouting Combine takes place each year in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year’s combine began on February 26th and ended yesterday (March 4th). As this event has been in the news for the last week I want to provide a brief overview of what exactly the combine is. Like other NFL events (such as the NFL Draft), the combine wasn’t always an event that had non-stop television and media coverage. But, NFL fans no longer believe in an offseason. To Continue ReadingAll About the NFL Scouting Combine