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If you are reading this when it was published, in February of 2019, the expiration of the NFL CBA is just over two years from now. The CBA, between the NFL and the NFL Players, is set to expire after the 2020 NFL season. The latest news and analysis indicates that there will be difficult negotiations ahead between the owners and the players before an agreement is reached for the 2021 season and beyond.

This site and blog is intended to provide insight into the 2011 CBA under which the NFL currently operates, including the operation of the Salary Cap, but to also identify issues that may be on the table for bargaining when negotiations do begin between the NFL and the Players Association, ultimately leading to an agreement between the players and the owners (no one actually thinks that there won’t eventually be an agreement to allow both sides to keep raking in the cash, right?).

My goal is to present information regarding the business of football and the CBA in a way that informs the reader as to why the CBA is important to the operations of the most prominent sports league in the world, and do it in a way that makes more complex CBA concepts easy to understand for the everyday fan that is interested in the football business.

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My hope is that this site will be enhanced over time.  I am attempting to develop this website (as a first-time website creator), create new content, and reference outside sources, to help establish this site as a resource, adding to the great information already available online.  I am not affiliated with the NFL, the Players Association or any media outlet. Please follow me on twitter @capNFL.

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